Now that you have the mail going out, you need to get it back to the AMPR.ORG side. All of the documentation for fetchmail tells you that you can do this, but none tells you how. We will show you what we did. The key is to get the mail to enter JNOS in the SMTP server. Most documentation says to enter the POP server, however SMTP performs all the rewrites and such to reverse what sendmail did above.  There is only one file for fetchmail and that is .fetchmailrc It is located or needs to be created in the /root directory. It has at least 2 lines, but can have as many lines as stations you want to serve. The default protocal is pop3 or imap Use whatever your internet pop server needs to use. Fetchmail then will forward the mail to the SMTP of JNOS.

 #.fetchmailrc file for JNOS

protocol pop3

poll mail.domain.com user “internet login” with password “internet password” there for callsign here

 You will need to change the username and login for that account. A Linux account will also need to be created for the callsign that you are receiving email for.

  Fetchmail is run in the background by using the command

fetchmail –d timer –S jnosip

timer is the number of seconds between pops to the internet i.e. 600 is ten minutes. jnosip is the IP you used in TUN0. That forwards the mail to JNOS's SMTP server for proper delivery to the internal network. BTW JNOS rewites the file to the proper address using the *@jnosip $1@$1.ampr.org in the rewrite file.