Hub Configuration (your mail servers)

Using standard autoexec.nos files there are a couple of thing o keep in mind. First set your TUN0 device to an unused IP on your router. Also you need to publish the to Linux and turn on IP forwarding. JNOS can do this or you can use Linux. Take your pick.

  Now for the bad news. If you read the old JNOS docs real close the mail search routine is as follows:

  1. Alias file
  2. Domain.txt file
  3. DNS
  4. smtp gateway

The problem is we need to always use the last one for internet email to work. So you cannot use a DNS. I know most people use one, but if you do the internet email may not go through and it will NOT get addressed right. Set your SMTP GA to your Linux IP not JNOS’s. The problem is that if you use a DNS, JNOS will attempt to send the mail through the receivers mail server.

Some may allow this, but most will not.


Internet routes are set up with route add ip encap staticip udp See Maiko's documentation.

Staticip is needed to connect to other JNOS systems using the internet. This is your internet IP.

Default routes are router ip address. (i.e. This allows all unkown traffic to go to the internet.

All other stations with no internet, use the Hub for SMTP GA.You also need to set the default route to traffic the email to the hub's location.

Sample routing file jnodes.rou.


You also need to add a line to your rewrite file *@jnosip $1@$

jnosip is the ip that you assigned jnos using the TUN0 command in your autoexec.nos.


Also I use a file to run JNOS in Linux. startnos